Father Opening Accounts in My Name - What Should I Do?

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Hi everyone. I need some advice on things.

My husband was illegally fired from work back in 2014. We were renting out a town home with my first born son for three and half years. We ended up leaving the place because I did not work and we had no money to pay for the rent anymore. We also ended up losing our brand new car that we financed and ended up moving back to my dads house.

It has been a year living with my dad and my husband got his job and has been reinstated back. We now how two more kids and so living at my dads is not working anymore. My husband and I applied for an apartment and has been denied. We've been to four apartments and same thing.

I finally got the copy of my credit score in hand and it says I have poor credit. With credit karma it says that I am at 509. I am in shock. I had good credit before despite us having to give back our new car. I seen a copy of my credit report and I see all these credit cards that are open in my name and I do not recall opening these. One day my dad left to go to the store and he left his wallet on the couch. I opened it and seen a gas card in my name and other credit cards.

I am hurt and did not know how to feel or think. Because of him my family and I can not get approve for an apartment to live in and When I brought this up to my dad he told us to pack all our things and to get out. My family and I are currently staying in a motel with all our other things in a rented storage.

What do I do?

My husband told me to report my dad for identity theft but I don't want him to go to jail. I am in big debt because of him. I am stressed because I have to think of my family and their well being. I don't know where to start. If I can get some advice on what I can do to get my credit and my problems fix. I am desperate.

How do I dispute all these cards on my name that I did not open? How do I show proof that it wasn't me who opened all these cards? I'm afraid that my dad is doing the same thing to my sisters credit. Please help. I would really appreciate it if I can get some advice on what should I do or how I should do things to get my situation fixed.

Thank you in advance. 

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Hi Lady, I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I really hope your dad comes around and makes things right.

If it were me I'd definitely set-up a credit fraud alert, consider freezing your credit and request a mailed copy of your credit report from each credit bureau. When you receive them make a note of anything that isn't yours, and start documenting everything.

Then (probably before you receive your reports by mail), since you've already been kicked out of your dads house, you might want to bring it up with him again, amicably. Tell him your situation, and let him know you will have to work with the credit bureaus to get things corrected which may require you to report activity that wasn't yours as fraud. Let him know you'd prefer not to do that and give him the opportunity to bring any accounts he opened current, plus hand over anything he's been using under your name.

Hotels can be expensive, so I would be sure he understands it's urgent, and wouldn't give him more time than you can afford, because it's probably going to take a couple of months for your credit score to improve if you have to dispute the items with the credit bureaus.

Here's a brief overview of fraud alerts, credit freezes and additional considerations.

Unfortunately this type of fraud is all too common...





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