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    • Someone in the accounting department of our family business embezzled nearly $500K forcing us to close. Because that money was stolen we have been forced to shut down our business and are in the process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The Internal Revenue Services said we can call the 3 major credit monitoring companies and speak to someone about our options to correct our  credit due to this theft and fraud. I am struggling to speak to a live customer service representative when I call their phone numbers listed on the Experian, Equifax and TransUnion websites. Can someone please tell me how to get a real human on the phone at any or all of the credit bureaus?


    • Hi Craig,

       I can totally understand your frustration. The credit bureaus don't make it easy for consumers to get in touch with someone over the telephone.

      This link should help you get in touch with a human at all 3 credit bureaus.

      Here's an article with tips for disputing and correcting items on your credit report.

      In regards to the Better Business Bureau, I don't think they can take adverse action against companies other than working with them to help resolve complaints submitted through the BBB website.


      Major Credit Bureau BBB Profiles:

      Here's the BBB pages for each of the credit bureaus in case you're interested seeing what others have complained about, filing your own or writing a review.

      TransUnion BBB Profile

      Equifax BBB Profile

      Experian BBB Profile


      However, I'd read this article before filing a complaint



    • I can't believe I actually spoke to a live breathing-human when I called Trans Union today!!!! She sounded Indian and had a strong accent that I could barely understand, but I was still relieved because I couldn't get in touch with anyone at all when I had called Experian and Equifax prior to that.

      The phone number I used to speak with a human at Transunion is 1-800-916-8800.

      As I said, I had no such luck with the other two and simply need them to do an Inquiry for a paid off item which they’re not current on and remove that negative item off my report so I can buy a home!!

      It’s bad when my son and I can’t get a home together because of their negligence!! How come the Better Business Bureau doesn't do anything about it.

      This is ridiculous!


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